Saturday, February 22, 2014

Puppy Palooza Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Don't blame me... This was inspired by a book and I mean it. Seriously who could resist a little learning fun with a puppy twist? Some great counting books and some other super finds and I think we are all in for this Puppy Palooza of learning fun.
This is one of my new favorites for Number Talking fun. You count up and you count down from 10. It's lively and fun and it does lend itself to a lot of number talks that can easily be used for some addition and subtraction talks with ease. With the addition of some fun math tools like Rekenreks, Ten Frames or a Number Line, you could be on your way to some kind of fun. And if you are in need of talking about greater numbers, a great way to start is 10 and then add some more. Just because it ends at ten doesn't mean we have to!
Here is a little something that just might get you counting along... If you need it just click on the image and it will take you to the free preview file!
Can't believe that I missed this the first time around but I sure did. If I had only known that this is a color and counting book I would have been all in for sure. And who could resist adding some paint in with the mix here? I can almost see the ten frames and colored markers to go along with this new favorite. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime because I didn't have to wait too long!
And you know as soon as I got it I had to give it a try and I must admit I fell in love with dog but we like to call him Spot. We had to talk about each number and the different ways we can see numbers and then we ended this with writing some number sentences. We had some lively conversations and it this book quickly is remembered as one of our new favorites and like I said, just because it is a counting to 10 book does not mean that it can't serve another purpose later in the year.
Oh how I love this one. This is just a feel good book that is just perfect to use with writing. Writer's write about things they love. I just had to get this one out again and use it for writing during our Puppy Palooza.
And you can't forget the classics.
Oh how I love Harry. I had to include this classic book for next week. I have my own "Harry" and I will be writing about the adventures of my "Harry" during our writing. I am sure counting on some lively stories this coming week because one thing I have in common with my class is the love of dogs! And on my way to work through the school neighborhood I sure see a lot of furry friends running around the streets.
So, what are you waiting for? The freebies are in the free preview file so just click on the image below to grab yours today!
Wishing you the best Kinder friends!

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