Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hey Kinder friends,
You know the feeling that feeling you get when you have scored something, right? I mean there is no other feeling like it. And I have scored big this time around. But before we get to that, let me tell you about this! It's a sale for a day. And starting late tonight you can get a great savings before the big game even starts. If you are ready to get to shopping just click on the image above and the image will take you there! So, this is a great time to look ahead and make a great game plan to get in gear for the last half of the year! So what is on my game plan?
Yep, I am a Texas girl and Texas Public School Week is coming around the corner. And that is hot and heavy on my mind. Last year we had way too much fun with this one so I am really looking forward to doing it again and adding some new fun to this yearly event.
This file has been updated and now includes 193 pages of Texas sized fun! Just the perfect addition to get you geared up and ready for Texas Public School Week in March YAHOO!
One of my favorite activities from this unit is working on maps. This activity is a Texas Symbol map but the landform maps are really my all time favorite and I can't wait to post about those again.
And you know I love counting so Number Talking is always on my mind. We have had fun with this all year long and can't wait to dig a little deeper this spring.
Now I am on the hunt to complete my game plan and find some great resources to add to these math boxes! So have some fun Kinder friends because Monday is just right around the corner! 

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