Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who Doesn't Love Play Doh?

Hey Kindergarten Friends,
What is it about play dough that draws me in every single time? And have you ever met a kid who didn't like play doh? I haven't found one yet. Play doh is always at the top of my list for back to school supplies. What is it about this stuff that is so appealing? It can be open ended or it can have a little purpose but either way it keeps hands and minds busy. For some, it is a much needed sensory outlet. Have you ever noticed the child that seems to get lost in play doh? It I so easy to get lost in the moment and even forget the world around you when you are working with it. Play doh is a perfect brain break!
I knew I wanted to incorporate play doh into my art center. I knew I wanted it to be available throughout the day. And I knew that at times I needed it to serve a purpose.
Play doh can be just as much fun with a purpose! I decided to make these to use in my Creation Station for the beginning of the year. And then I realized that they could be used for a few other things too!
With a little focus these play doh mats are sure to do the trick and help us with a few objectives in a fun and engaging way. And if you are looking around for things to dress up your art area print them off to give that little area a face lift. No matter how you use it it is simple! All you have to do is print, laminate and grab some doh and go! How doesn't love grab and go?
Now all you have left to decide is what kind of play doh to use? You can always make your own. With all the ideas on Pinterest you are in good hands here or you could just pick up a few cans and call it a day...I got ya! If you need more information about I Can Be An Artist~ A-Z Play Doh Mats just click on the image above!

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Miss Trayers said...

I even like sitting down with them to play with play-doh myself! :)

Not Just Child's Play

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