Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alphabet Rescue!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Right about now I need an alphabet rescue! I am sure you can relate. Thinking about letters at the beginning of school is what we all do. Can we ever get enough resources to use in class or send home with kids to practice? I seem to always need a little more. And I love things that serve as double duty for my kids. So one day I was thinking about an alphabet rescue and this is what I came up with.
You know in the beginning of Kindergarten every kid just wants to get their hands on the new supplies so Color And Write seemed to fit for the kids. We get that coloring itch out in the very beginning. My kids tell me they have never even once used a crayon until Kindergarten and it is a big deal! And you know one of my smallest goals this year is better handwriting with automaticity. So that when we become independent writers, someone can actually read it! So the Color And Write can serve up some double duty here. And last, I needed yet another go to resource that I could have on hand and print when I a flash!
Now I have a quick and printable resource that I can put in a center, make books with or send in take home folders or bags. And better yet, I have it saved on my computer and ready for the new kid who comes to school late and needs a little help.
I had to keep this alphabet adventure going because I was on a roll. Just one more! Every teacher knows kids need multiple opportunities to master something.

So there you have it!
From an alphabet rescue to adventure...wishing you the best year yet!

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