Saturday, December 6, 2014

Counting Down!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well. it is that time of year again and the great countdown begins. No matter if you are counting down to winter break or Christmas, we are all counting the days. Now is the perfect time to practice a little counting and make some chains and work on counting down each day. What I love about these chains is that they are simple to prepare, fun for kids to make and provide lots of counting practice along the way to the big day. If you haven't started one already yo0u can just adjust the chain links according to how many days you are counting down to. Depending on your paper, you can provide a little pattern practice too!
When we make countdown paper chains we always have a book to go with it. This time of year it goes well with on of my favorite books, Snowbear's Christmas countdown. I like this book because it not only counts down but it references a calendar throughout the book.
Don't worry you still have time to pull this off and send home that sticky bag of glued together paper chains! Let them count their way to sweet dreams each night as they countdown the days. What five year old wouldn't love that homework?
Happy holidays friends!

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