Friday, January 16, 2015

100th Day HOORAY!

Hey Kinder Friends,
It is really hard to believe but we are getting closer and closer to the 100th day of school. Are you excited? I kind of am excited I have to admit. I am planning on enjoying it instead of stressing over it this time around. Honestly, when I opened my files for this one I was not feeling very festive and nothing was feeling like a whole lotta fun. And this time of year there is really so much to celebrate! For crying out loud...we are all still standing and we have come a long way since the beginning. So I created a little 100th day fun and now I am kind of excited for this day. So far we have snack planned and the 100th day badges and hats. We might even have some races too! But seriously, what I am most excited about is that we still have a little time to figure out the rest and the printables are done! Honestly, this will help me spend time in another area of need. All in all, a huge weight lifted to have this part taken care of.
So what are you doing this 100th day?
If you need a little printable help to get things going this is what the packet includes:
Landscape Blackline printables to make a 100th Day Activity book!
My 100th Day Book Cover Page Printable
In 100 Years Writing Collage Printable
$100 Will Buy Me Writing Collage Printable
When I Grow Up I Can Earn $100 To Buy… Writing Collage Printable
The Next 100 Days Goal Setting Writing Collage Printable
If I Saved 100 Pennies I Could Buy… Writing Collage Printable
100 Random Acts Of Kindness Writing Collage Printable
I Can Write 100 Words Printable
5 If I Had $100 Writing Prompt Printables
Cover Page Getting Ready For The 100th Day Stories About Joining And Separating
5 Joining And Separating Prompt Printables (to make a story problem book)
100’s Chart Printable Large
2 What Is Missing Printables
100’s Chart Printable Small
2 Stamp 100 Printable
10 Groups Of 10 Printable
10 Groups Of 10 Ten Frame Stamping Page Printable
100th Day Trail Mix Recording Page Printable
Sorting Snack Mat 10 Groups Of 10 Printable (2 versions)
2-100th Day Snack Bag Tags Printables (to be used with lunch bags)
3 Versions Of 100 Day Crown Printables
2-100th Day Badges Printable
2-100th Day Awards Printables
100th Day Race Ribbons
$100 Money Printables
2 Bonus Writing Prompts
You pick and choose the printables to make an activity book or use as single copies
 No matter what you do this 100th day of school I hope you have a little fun!

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