Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hey Kinder Friends,
You might be asking yourself why are we talking about 10 Black Dots now? Really there are a few reasons. And the first reason is that if you have previously purchased this I want you to be the first to know that the file has been updated and you need to download it again from TeacherspayTeachers and get the updated file. It really is that easy.

The second reason is that if you didn't see this freebie before you can still grab it by clicking on the image above it will take you to the download. This is one of those files that is nice to have on hand for sub tubs and homework folders. Not only that but it can look different at different times of the year with seasonal stickers or stamps and even dots!
And the last reason for talking about 10 Black Dots this time of year is because sometimes...we have to. Maybe almost your entire class is well beyond and that is something to celebrate. Or maybe there is just that one child that still needs a little support. Or maybe you are the teacher who just got two new children in January and you are their first teacher. You know it happens every year. And you know that you have no time to sit around and wonder how this happened. So here I am back to the tried and true file to print...again. I had my to-do list right beside me and added 10 more pages. I wanted to be sure that you had the updates too...just in case you needed them like me!

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