Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Spy A Deal!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I spy a deal! I made a quick dash into Target and I found a few goodies to get me a little inspired to look ahead. Although not everything is out yet. I was still able to get a few things. I was kind of surprised to find orange pocket charts. That is a first! I was super happy to score a stamp set that had a sign and return stamp with it. My favorite finds were the black and white chalkboard table/locker plates. They had a lot of chalkboard inspired items. I found a few pennants or banners some that said smile or believe. I bought a couple of the wooden smile ones and the last believe one they had. They only had a few caddies but I scooped them up anyway. I was even able to get a new set of bulletin board coins. I thought that purchase was kind of funny since I now teach financial literacy in kindergarten according to my state and I just paid real money for paper money. I am sure there is a lesson there but it is summer so I will file that thought away for just a bit...longer.
I still can't believe I passed up the pencil painted mason jar.

They had a lot of Dr Seuss stuff and I mean a lot but I walked right on by because it isn't a Dr Seuss kind of year for me. Oh well, maybe next time. I only found one of the wooden apple signs and I am afraid if I had found more I might have bought them. Usually my Target doesn't put out the back to school dollar spot stuff until right after 4th of July. So, with that said, I better have a solid plan when I get there after the 4th! 

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