Friday, August 7, 2015

Five For Friday!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I am linking up for Five for Friday for a little fun as I dream of working in my classroom.
I am about to either make you laugh or make you feel a whole lot better about getting ready for the first day of school. I sit here blogging in the middle of a maze of caddies, banners, sketches and school supplies. You see school starts in a few weeks and from the looks of my piles, I do not have it all together. At my school I am not allowed to go in over the summer and work on my room because of the cleaning schedule. So I have to take care of whatever I can from home.
I have been obsessed with Sit Spots since last year. I was trilled when I met the person behind Sit Spots at a Frog Street Splash conference last week. I could not wait to see what they had so I could pick up what I needed for the coming year. I have been planning and dreaming of my new Sit Spots all summer long and was so terribly sad when the spots I was looking for were sold out. Lucky for me that the customer service is superior and my new Sit Spots will arrive soon just in time for school.
I am always thrilled to find another book to read during the first week of school. You know I am putting this one in my Amazon cart! You had me at Bill Martin Jr.!
I think it's fair to say that since the spring I have been somewhat obsessed with patterns of all kinds. I think every single project I have done for a while has a mixture of pattern because I can't pick just one. I have been making valances out of bandanas for my classroom this summer. I can't wait to hang them up. You will have to check back with me to see if I pulled it off.
I was very excited to be able to pick up some sensory materials from the Steve Spangler booth at the Frog Street Splash conference. These colored orbs are my favorite. I am drawn to them for so many reasons. So as I dream about working in my classroom at least I dream in color. You will have to check back with me and see if I pull it off or not. I am changing up just about everything and this will be the first time I have an all out theme! Can I pull it off? I guess we wait and see!


A Teacher's Heart said...

Those bandanna valances look amazing! In my district we can't go into our rooms until a week and a half before kids arrive. I kind of feel handicapped working from home...there is only so much you can do! Good luck with everything!

Miss Ks Little Rays said...

Love your Five for Friday!! I would love to invest in some Sit Spots!! I have heard nothing but wonderful things about them!!

Mrs. C said...

Sit Spots are great. Stay tuned for a giveaway soon!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your valance! I'm sure you'll pull it off! :) And...did I read something about a sit spot giveaway!! I'd love to try them out, I learned about them for the first time this summer.

Mara Leppaluoto said...

Where do you get those colored orbs??

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