Friday, May 6, 2016

Simple Free Parent Gift!

Hey Kinder Friends,
It is hard to believe that it is this time of year came so fast. As you scramble around to finish the year, I am sure you have a few parents to thank that have helped you make it until the end. Sometimes just a small token of appreciation can mean so much. This printable can be edited by inserting a text box above the books to add the name of that special person that has helped you this year. After printing you can dress it up by inserting it into a frame and putting it into a bag and it is personalized and ready to go. And in the bag I am sure you could find a million things to add to personalize it even further. It's just a small way to say thanks to the many parents who help us along the way. If you need a copy to get some quick gifts ready in a flash, just click on the link above!
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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