Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yep, It's Free!

Hey Kinder Friends,
With Teacher Appreciation time fast approaching I wanted to give back something to all the great teachers that inspire and help me. I was thinking a lot of getting ready for the back to school season just as the year is winding up. I was copying and laminating some ABC cards and it made me think of a number card. I have searched forever to find what I was looking for and just never found it. So I decided to finally sit down and create on for myself. I finally have what I have wanted and needed for a long time. I can't wait to print these and laminate them and put them up for next year. I know when I see them next year I will be glad I finally took the time to make it. I can already think of a few uses for it. These would be great copied on cardstock and laminated and stored in math folders. Staple one on the math wall. Copy and laminate a few to be stored in independent math boxes. And a simple black and white copy for take home folders.
And as I was working on the number card my mind was also thinking of one more simple thing I wish I had for a long time. For so many different reasons I have needed a resource for letter and number formation that the font was large enough to see the proper path of motion that the children could use with dry erase markers. I decided to sit down and create it while I was on a roll and get it ready for the back to school season. Just getting the basics ready and prepared helps to ease the pain of the stress of a new school year. The font in this product would be considered large and perfect for independent math and literacy stations or centers. And what I love is that it is simply...
Handwriting Practice Print and Go!
I just love that. And if I have a few kids that need practice with a certain letter or number I can send one home in a bag and a dry erase. Lots of possibilities for such a simple resource and the best part is that it is ready to go! Wishing you a great end of the year and looking forward to the next!

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