Friday, July 22, 2016

Too Much Glue Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Thinking about Back to School always makes me think of glue. I had my basket loaded with bottles just the other day and it seems like no matter how many bottles you have it just is not enough. So you probably have figured out that I use bottles in my class. Yep, plain old bottles of glue. It is what is on our supply list and it is what I get a few of at the beginning of the year. I have no fear of the glue bottles. I just have learned to deal with it. And right from the very start we quickly learn the expectations for glue.
A Dot Will Do!
After reading the book and having a class discussion the kids are ready to get some hands-on experience with glue. I make copies of the glue page on red, yellow and green copy paper and we are set for a couple of rounds of glue work. We practice gluing hole punched black circles onto the paper. We practice how to open and close the bottle. We practice where and how to put it away and clean up. It's a big deal. And we have fun with it.

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