Saturday, February 11, 2012

I LOVE Valentines!

Alright, alright I am going to admit it. I have been bitten by the LOVE bug. I just LOVE Valentine's Day. I love the colors and the cards. I love the sayings and the sentiment. I just love it all. I have had more fun this year joining in Valentine Exchanges and sending well wishes to classrooms near and far. I have had so much fun I think it has to be a new tradition. 
I came to work yesterday and my teacher neighbor brought some Valentine cards to look through. I had more fun looking through the cards and reading them. It made me remember Valentine's Day as a child. I used to get so excited as a child giving and receiving Valentine's. I guess some things never change. It's funny how such a simple thing can bring happiness and it's interesting how just sending a Valentine to someone can bring happiness within.
I am sharing with you today a Valentine Pencil Printable that was inspired by the same teacher neighbor of mine. Years ago I came to work and she had printed hearts on colored paper and simply threaded a pencil through it. I loved the idea for so many reasons. One, it was a great idea and it was personal and better than any cards you could buy in the stores. But most importantly, it was cute and all I had to do was print, cut and assemble and I was instantly ready to pass out some super cute Valentine cards without ever having to go to the store after a long day at work. It is still one of my favorite ideas, ever. So this year I had to make a set of my own and share it with you. Like I said, it is the simple things that can bring happiness especially into a teachers busy life. Click on the image above for your printable. 
In my school not all children bring cards to pass out for Valentine's Day. Truth is, some families can't afford it. In the past we have always purchased extra Valentine's for anyone who did not have any to pass out. When I was sifting through the Valentine cards today and remembering how fun Valentine's has always been, I wanted to make sure that I could give that same kind of experience to the children in my class. So I have decided to update that file and I will share it here when it is check back!
And for some extra fun... I am having a FLASH sale in my stores to celebrate the LOVE of Learning! 


Tina said...

Oh my goodness...this is so super cute!! Perfect for giving to students:) Love it and thank you so much for sharing the printable!! Valentine's Day doesn't seem to be such a big deal at our school...but it will be lovely to pass these cute pencils out to my students:) Thanks again!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Good Morning Mrs Rubie

Mrs. M said...

Too cute!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Color Me Kinder

Busy Bees said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing the printables!! We only "party" at the end of the day. We make a valentine booklet throughout the day for a literacy activity. Then, punch and a treat and out the door!!

Unknown said...

You are so right...each year when everything is marked down after Valentine's Day, I buy a few boxes so that I have plenty for the next year's group in case they are needed =)
First Grade Blue Skies

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