Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little Science!

Hey Friends,
Probably one of the most asked questions I get is about Science. And since you know I love Science I really don't mind the question. I think one of my favorite parts of Science this year is integrating it into other parts of my day. And I am quickly becoming obsessed with charts of just about any kind but especially making them and using them with the kids. This chart was made for part of our Force and Motion unit. We are working on our final week in that unit and we have lots of hands-on investigations planned for what is sure to be an exciting week ahead.
We have been able to accomplish a lot with our Objects Can Move Chart.
Reading/Beginning Reading Skills/Print Awareness
We have been able to use this chart for:
Recognizing that spoken words can be represented by print for communication.
Demonstrating one-to-one correspondence between a spoken word and a printed word in text.
Recognizing that sentences are comprised of words separated by spaces and to demonstrate the awareness of word boundaries.
Identify that a sentence is made up of a group of words.

This has been used as a visual aid to learn the terms needed for force and motion investigations.
And to help us describe the ways that objects can move such as in a straight line, zigzag, up and down, back and forth, round and round, and fast and slow.
The second question I get asked the most is about hands-on Science. I love this one too. This is the fun part. Reading and writing about Science can be fun but the actual hands-on explorations and investigations are the best part because we want to "just do it." This week we are going to investigate magnets. And this is such a super tool for Kindergarten Scientists. As with any big unit we work on I try to find a way for the children to extend the experience at home.
I created these Magnet Investigation Tools so that I could send some investigations home and a magnet to go along with the activities. They were super easy to make and cheap. If they don't come back to school I won't cry...a lot! But I have had good luck sending dice home and having them returned so I am willing to give this one a try as well. I found these magnets at WalMart and glued them on sticks I already had.
But before we get our Magnet Investigation Tools and get to investigating we are going to start with a little Magnet Safety Rules! But after that we have a week full of hands-on explorations to look forward to! I invite you to join us for Science and see what we discover. You can find us in the lab!
Activities from this post can be found in this unit Developing Young Scientists I Can Be A Scientist Exploring Force and Motion!
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Liz Mccaw said...

Love those little magnet sticks. I can just imagine the fun the Kinders are having with them. Thanks for sharing.

Liz :)

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