Saturday, November 10, 2012

Patriotic Fun and FREEBIES!

Hey Kinder friends,
With Election Day this week and Veteran's Day quickly on the horizon it is no wonder I am feeling a little patriotic. As I was looking around for some Veteran's Day fun I remembered our Pledge of Allegiance badges we made earlier this year.  Click the image above for free printables.
And I could not resist making some badges to share with my friends to thank our heroes! You can grab either badge by clicking on the images!
As I was looking around on the internet I came across a Veteran's Day book just perfect for Kindergarten!
And you know how it thing leads to another and I found a great flag book too!
Yep, I ordered this and then I found this!
After looking though lots and lots of books I finally found this one that is perfect for kinder kids and it explains the voting process in terms that young children can understand. And it inspired us to have a little election of our own.
We were all so excited to get in that voting booth and vote for our favorite American Symbol. We were moving fast because we just wanted to know the election results. Lots of excitement as we all went inside our voting booth to cast our vote!
Preparation for our Kindergarten Election was super simple and a lot of fun!
If you previously purchased Let's Celebrate It's a Patriotic Parade from TpT the file has been updated to include new items so please redownload!


Shelly said...

How can I get the "Thank you Heros" hearts? When I click on it, it doesnt go to the download.?

Thanks in advance!

Mrs. C said...

I just tested the link and it works... Let me know if you keep having problems.

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