Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabulously Fantastic Math Inventory Bags & Boxes!

Inventory Bags come from the Investigations curriculum by Pearson. We use inventory bags all year with our Kindergarten kids to build numerical fluency. The children take an inventory bag or box shown here and record the contents of the bag or box selected by recording with pictures, words or both. What I LOVE about inventories is that it is easily differentiated for different children by assigning a color or labeling the bag or box with a number or letter. Additionally, the possibilities of what to inventory are endless and most teachers love them because they can put mathematically cute things inside. During the holidays you can find holiday lunch sacks at Walgreen's for .08 each. The foam shapes shown above are a much better deal than what I paid for my foam shapes and the set shown here comes with sooo many more than I got! Now that's a Math Station in a snap!

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Kristin Young said...

I LOVE those little take-out boxes!! My inventory bags are just in ziplocs so they're organized but look a mess all sitting in a basket. That is such a better idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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