Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer To Do List!

Well the summer will officially kick off in about a week. I am really amazed at how time has passed so quickly! As I get closer to summer, I have started thinking about my Summer To Do List!

1. Fix knee...nope, not a typo. I have to fix the knee I twisted while filming the kids during our Cinco de Mayo celebration.

2. Rewrite Math Curriculum with math friends, which is always fun and the best part is that you walk away with the most amazing ideas and inspiration because this group is the best!

3. Start a Brunch Bunch! I guess I better get moving on this because I am sure everyone has busy calendars!

4. Make TONS and TONS of breakfast brunch at my house for my family! I LOVE brunch because it sure is not breakfast in the car at a 6:45am commute across the city!

5. One of my teacher friends and I are going to MASTER a famous Coconut Cream Pie recipe and i am wondering if she will consider mastering Key Lime Pie too?

6. I have not narrowed down my own personal book study book for the summer so on my next trip to Barnes & Noble I am going to sift through books and decide. Wonder what it will be?

7. Work on adding my listings to my Teachers pay Teachers store! I really can't wait to devote time to this because it truly is my passion to write Kindergarten curriculum. OM~gosh, where do I start?

8. Reorganize my Word Work plan for next year and reorganize my Writer's Workshop.  I am trying to decide what procedures I will keep the same and what I would like to change or try for next year.

9. Make new Math folders!

10. Create another I must be crazy...crazy can be GOOD sometimes!

11. Take time for myself and my family and spend time outdoors cooking and gardening with family and friends!


Fern Smith said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I love to plan out my summer, I hate starting the year in a rush!

More Milestones said...

HOW do you find time for it all? And ANOTHER blog really? Are you sure you're not wearing an "S" because you are my superhero.
~ Mona : )

Mrs. Coe said...

Not a super girl just super enthusiastic!

More Milestones said...

Hi! Stopping by (again) to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Please stop by my blog to pick up your award.


~ Mona :)

Andi said...

I love your list. Sounds a bit like mine, except there is no way I could do another blog! The other day, my husband and I went out for a walk and I was telling him all of my goals for the summer and now he has a list of his own!

Mrs. Coe said...

I like having a list and i always have to have a project going on or I feel lost!

Amber said...

Thanks for following! You have such a cute blog, I'm now following you too!!

Amber said...

Go check out my blog for one more way you can enter my giveaway! :)

Terri said...

Have fun, ouch on the knee. I love brunch! I have a great new recipe for the best brunch meal ever.
I want to make another blog although I can't imagine why I would want another one.

A MilShelb Mom said...

You have tons of ambition! I am not sure what I'm doing yet, but I love your ideas. I just found your blog through the link for this post and am now following it. I teach in SC. This will be my second full year of teaching.

Janine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my list. Yours is so full of different tasks, I hope you get through them, lol. We will definitely be following each other and keeping in touch. I love everything you post! Happy Memorial Day.

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