Monday, June 6, 2011

The BEST Thing I Learned This Year!

In your life you need lots and lots of friends. In my life, thank goodness, I have friends I refer to as fabulous Math friends. I attended a training hosted by my Math friends earlier this year and was reminded about the role of reflection in the lesson cycle and particularly the Math Workshop. By remembering to include this as a regular part of my workshops, I was able to use it to facilitate meaningful discussions and as part of my lesson many times this part of the lesson is forgotten. I was surprised to learn that many children willingly participated in discussing what they could do better and these discussions helped other children learn different ways of solving problems and it gave a great platform for using content related vocabulary.


Fran said...

This is so important to remember and because I am always in a race against time I tend to skip it so I need to stop and force myself to do this. Thanks for the reminder. Now come visit me and grab some freebies if you want!

KindergartenWorks said...

I love using hand signals to make sure every student has a "voice" when sharing. Before my students all want to say, "I've seen that movie before!" I am sure to say, "If you've seen that movie before, touch your nose." Thanks for this tip, I'll be sure to use it as we are sharing after guided math this year!
- Leslie

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