Saturday, July 16, 2011

100th Day Celebration!

In honor of the 100th Day celebration at TBA, I am having a sale at my TpT store! While you are shopping, pick up your free copy of our fun 100th Day Snack Recipe and 100th Day Mini poster! Please leave some feedback!
I love the 100th day of school! I love all of the books we read and we have had so much fun making 100 Day Trail Mix and counting out everything with a 100's chart. The kid's really enjoy making 100 day glasses to wear. Each year this fun event usually sneaks up on me and I find myself scrambling to figure out how I am going to participate. I always say I am going to make something and wear it on that day but I never have done it. This is why I am so super excited about my Target CrAzY HaT! I got this on a super special bargain and bought 13 of my closest teacher friends one too! I am going to decorate it with 10 groups of 10 different things. And I was actually so darn excited about it I had to share!
Oh, but better yet, a teacher friend just told me she got me the 100th Day Counting Tree Bulletin Board set by Artskills! She found it at Target for $2.50! And the CrAzY HaT... Just .25 cents from Target!

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Hadar said...

WHAT!?!??! Great deal!!! Thanks for linking up :)

Miss Kindergarten
Target Treasures

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