Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did You Get Your Smart Cookie?

When I found this at Target I really went crazy! This is my favorite find of all my back to school shopping. It is the Smart Cookie Poster set available at Target by Artskills! I LOVED it so much I immediately went to my Math Friends text list and sent some texts. People are telling me they are having a hard time finding their Smart Cookies, oh my! I wanted all my friends to get in on the fun, so I asked some questions and this is what I have learned. Smart Cookies and the other great teacher products are only available at Target right now. And they are in the section where the poster stuff is, not the school supply section and not the famous Dollar Spot! But the real secret is this... these products are 2.50 each! No, that is not a typo! They should be right up there in the dollar spot! An insider told me that Target keeps some extra stock of these products right there in the store! Maybe it is a good idea to ask the most friendly worker you see. Right now, I am secretly looking for the other bulletin board sets and the big letters that go with it. I am hunting down the Crayon Box set, the 100 Day Apple Tree and the Paint one too!
Back to the Giant Smart Cookies Jar...
What does this have to do with Christmas in July? Well, at Christmas I am going to put Christmas cookies in my Smart Cookie jar! I am going to be counting Smart Cookies all year long! I am mounting mine on foam board with adhesive spray because I want to model some counting strategies with Smart Cookies! And as the year progresses, I am going to incorporate problem solving, oh my! Now, do you blame me for falling in love with my Smart Cookies?

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Alysia Battista said...

Very cute! I just bought cookie font and this gave me an idea!! Miss B, Busy Bee

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