Monday, July 11, 2011

Management Marbles!

Found this fabulous buy at Target for 1.48. Target calls it vase filler... I call this marble run fun! But when I was stalking the blog of Miss Kindergarten my mind started seeing some new possibilities! Maybe marbles for Classroom Management because you can see I have plenty!


Ms.M said...

Nice find.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Shanci said...

I've done this for years. It was absolutely the best classroom management I've ever used. The class could earn beads for positive behavior. It could be something as simple as lining up quietly or one student showing extra kindness to another. I always reward compliments from other adults with more beads. For example, if the principal says how nicely they sat at lunch, they can earn 10 beads. Depending on my class, I would have a set amount for different adults (principal being 10 beads, all other adults 5 - for example). When the jar was full, they earned a bead party. We decided as a community what that party entailed.

Mrs. C said...

Such a great idea!

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