Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello friends,
I am HYSTERICAL having a difficult time here. My computer has decided to give me A HEART ATTACK some trouble this evening. It seems that my computer does not want to come on. I have tried for hours upon end to finally get it to respond. I apologize that I am late announcing the giveaway winner. I will do that in the coming days. I have had to spend the last frantic minutes trying to load anything important to a flash drive. It feels like a ticking time bomb is looking me in the eyes. When you have minutes or seconds how do you prioritize what to save when you have used a computer for three years? Your mind starts racing... resume, Christmas photos, letters of recommendation, son's first pitch picture, teaching products, GRAPHICS worth a million, training power points that represent BLOOD, SWEAT and sometimes tears, GRANT proposals, YEARS of lesson plans, oh and BILINGUAL lesson plans (don't ask), Thanksgiving family recipes... I could go on forever. Anyway how much does this flash drive hold? OM~gosh, I think I am about to fall right out on this kitchen floor and I sure hope we got up all those pesky little lamination bits. Why did I not listen to my mom again? She warned me this would happen. Is my name Carrie Bradshaw? Surely you remember the episode called Back Up and Restore? 


S. Parker said...

Oh, no! My Computer suddenly froze like that last year. My husband tried for days to "save" my stuff. It currently sits dead as a doornail in the closet. We now have a time machine to back up everything. I did switch to Mac which I love. As for my son's baby picture...well, that's another discussion.

Good luck rescuing your computer.

Mrs. Bee said...

That happened to me in September :( full on Carrie moment!!! Now I have an external hard drive to backup my new computer...hope yours is a better outcome than mine!!!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Oh my!! That is terrible! Maybe it is just having a "moment"and will feel better tomorrow! =) (if not, external hard drive is the way to go after it all gets straightened out)
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Heidi Butkus said...

I'm so sorry that you are having so much trouble! The exact same thing happened to me last night and my miracle worker husband fixed it! Once you get it going, back up that system!

Vickie said...

I hope you're able to get everything back! I have an external hard drive and I back up at least once a week now because I've been terrified of that happening!
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Nikki said...

We had our external hard drive crash last year - 15 years of teaching stuff potentially disappearing down the drain, not good for my stress level!!! My husband found "Carbonite" which is an online service that will back up everything on your computer as often as we want it to (we do weekly as we take lots of photos). You might want to look into using something like that, I am feeling way less stress about computer stuff now. Good luck with your computer!!!

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