Friday, July 29, 2011


I just opened my fabulous decorative headers from Artskills that I got at Target. And just let me tell you my surprise... Not only did it come with numbers which I could see from the package but it came with colors and shapes. The most amazing part... it has a rhombus and a trapezoid! Seriously? Is this the only bulletin board set that actually has the correct names for shapes? I love this! I just can barely contain myself right now! And this is just another reason why you should join the Artskills giveaway on the posts below because I know you are going to want this and use this AND you have to take pictures and join the Artskills bulletin board contest... details coming soon! Can't wait to see what everyone creates!  

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Tammi said...

I have been stalking the target dollar spot trying to get that mythical orange table caddy that is more rare than golden unicorn horns and thought I was FINALLY done spending money at target when I found it today! (YAY!) Usually I don't let myself past the dollar spot and checkout lane area, but figured since I had my fiancee with me to supervise I could be trusted to pass the office supplies and head to the grocery section. I rubbernecked dug my heels in when we passed the artskills endcap but he wouldn't let me stop! Probably the only reason I made it out for under $25! But I might sneak back after dinner now! Target is dangerous this time of year.

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