Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give Me Some Independence! Daily 5

As I was reflecting on my class experiences over the last week, I was doing a lot of thinking about independence. Why in the world does it seem like such a slow process this time around? I went back through some notes on the subject and found this by THE SISTERS and thought I would share the link. And I probably need to just go ahead and retype it and plaster it on my walls to remind myself that this is the foundation to promoting a class full of independent learners and I need to just slow down a bit. As I was researching the topic, I found some good book suggestions to promote independence. 
And finally, one of my favorites, a book about behaviors that take place due to a reward. 

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ellen said...

I can't wait to plan my literacy centers today and take te time to consider the steps to independence. awesome!

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