Saturday, October 1, 2011

My New Bucket Filler!

I have posted a lot about my bucket filling experiences with my class this year. I have read the book twice and have done a few activities with it as well. I have to say the message in the book has stuck in our heads and hearts and my class refers to this often as we work towards a classroom goal of filling OUR bucket. So naturally, as I was shopping, I cam across a tiny pumpkin bucket and thought of my class. I had to get it! I am going to transfer the marbles that we have earned to the new bucket and review a few counting strategies along the way. And this will be our bucket for the month of October. We are more than half way to our goal but we are having a hard time thinking about exactly what kind of celebration we are going to have. All we know is we want it to be special the kids tell me. 
If you need more information about filling your bucket, please use the search feature on the blog. I hope you have a full bucket this weekend! 

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Kristen said...

I don't teach Kindergarten, but I always look forward to each of your new are always finding the nicest things to implement with your class. I love reading about all of your creative ideas!! :)

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