Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sensory Integration Help!

In class we have been working on our Science Center makeover and putting on the final touches before moving on to the next area that needs a makeover and I keep looking at my sand and water table that is really just a table at this point. I have wondered what I could do with it. I have searched for inspiration. I have asked every teacher I know what mysterious objects are hiding under their sand and water table top? It seems that we tend to overlook some areas of development because there is so much focus on other areas in order to prepare our children to move on to the next level. But I wonder how could we combine a sensory table and some letter identification, letter sounds or maybe even some syllable practice? 


S. Parker said...

I used a sensory table for one of my students who really needed it last year and loved it. I had his aide add the words Find ___ to give him more of a task to do. Check out this post for some fall ideas.

Claire said...

I don't have a sensory table, but I have several sensory bins! One is filled with dry beans that we have put several packages of magnetic letters and numbers into. We ask kids to find the capital A and lower case j, or the answer to the problem 6+2. You could even say "Find the letter that says /k/", although I haven't tried that yet! My really young ones who are still working on their name are asked to find the letters in their names and blend them. Just a few ideas from a special ed teacher :)
-Claire @

Linda said...

I like this idea. It may be a good alternative for my very mess sand table.

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