Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sight Words

I have sight words on my mind and it has been a hot topic in a few places that I have been this week. As I was catching up on my blogging time late this evening, I came across a post on TBA with a video from HeidiSongs so I went to see if I could find some more. 
Hey Heidi, you just sold me on DOWN! I love it! So I am going back for more!
If you could just see me making my curvy Ss in my living room! I sure hope the family stays upstairs! I am new to HeidiSongs but I have a real good feeling I have a few kinder friends who I would like to try this out on. I am going to do a little research and I will post what I find. But I have to admit... I think this might be catchy because I have Ss stuck in my head and I am kind of itching to sing the DOWN song too! 


S. Parker said...

Head over to my blog to enterbmy giveaway. You won't be disappointed. The kids love them!

Stephanie said...

I've been using HeidiSongs for a couple of years. The kids love them and I've really noticed a huge improvement in sight word recognition!

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