Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, It's Calendar Time!

Every year it seems each class has a favorite activity or routine and this year it is Calendar Time. I really never would have thought the smallest block of time I have would be the favorite of the day. I have to admit that this year Calendar Time is one of my favorite times as well. I have had a lot of requests for more information about the Number Corner program that I use. I have had way too much fun experimenting with the program and modifying the calendar each month. I use the Bridges Blog for information and guidance and I go back for free and supplemental materials for my classroom. One thing I have learned is that if you are going to modify the calendar and make your own markers, you have to start ahead. The reason that this is so critical is because each step requires planning and discussing it with the children. I have also realized that by the time I plan and prepare this with my class and post it, it is to late for you to join in our fun! So... I have a plan.

These are the markers that you can download and use for free from The Math Learning Center. I LOVE these markers. If you do not have time to run back in your classroom and plan and create markers for December these are so much fun and they cover position and location! I used these last year and I loved them. If you use these in December it leaves you time to prepare your markers for January! This is what it looks like. 
So now you have a plan for December and you can concentrate on getting January up and running. The free January markers are just as fabulous and it is hard to pass these up to make your own... 
I know my class will want to create our calendar pieces because they have already asked me about this. So my way of getting the calendar pieces I want and the pieces they want is to use the free calendar markers above in a pocket chart and allow my class to make our daily calendar pieces. In my mind, it just seems like a win-win. As we have grown and progressed in the process of making our own calendar markers, we now have a hot debate on our hands... How do we decide what pictures or artwork to display on the calendar because it seems each day the kids are coming in with suggestions and to be honest they are all good suggestions? Now we are going to VOTE on our calendar pieces and I am super excited to be able to add just a little bit more to our calendar routine.  

As I was looking for inspiration for December or January calendar markers I found these on Pinterest. 

These sure look like they could be some fun options to vote on! And last... my class has had so much fun with Calendar Chants this year!
I made these chants for my class because we just had to have a way to sing, chant and clap the months of the year. I have added this product to my TpT store and Teachers Notebook store as well. You can download the preview file and test out the December chant. I think you might find that you love them as much as we do! And you can simply print this download and start singing, chanting and clapping right along with us! 

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