Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Spotted...Fuzzy Fingers!

In my neck of the woods Fuzzy Fingers has been a hot topic. Before I knew I needed them, I had seen them as several Dollar Tree stores around town. In fact, there are several different types and sizes available at Dollar Tree. I have used the mittens and the ones with handles in my classroom this year and I love them. My favorites are the ones that you can throw in the wash and use over and over. If you can't find Fuzzy Fingers you might stop in Dollar Tree for these other types. But if you are really looking for the Fuzzy Finger look at your local Wal Mart in the cleaning section. I spotted these today for .98 cents. 
The products at both stores are made by the same material and I believe the same company. Oh, and they come in lots of cute colors just in case you just had to know that! These are just perfect for cleaning your classroom electronics! 

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Busy Bees said...

Of course I would have to have a "cool" color. Our electronics at school get nasty!! Thanks for the tip!

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