Monday, January 30, 2012

Top Book Picks!

I have been asked a time or two about the books that I refer to as the books that never make it to the bookshelf. These are my most treasured books that either remind me of a personal goal or a special memory or maybe used for a special reason. I love children's literature and have tons of favorites but very few actually make it to the "never shelved" list and the primary reason is that it has to be just so special in my mind. 

Given to me by a teacher friend, this book has been the "go to" book when you need a little jump start to your Writer's Workshop! When I start seeing the same old, same old stories over and over again this is the book I run and grab. After reading this book, you quickly realize the best stories are written from the heart. I totally love that part. This book is also one of those books you can read again and again and nobody ever gets sick of it! You can't pull it out week after week or it will lose the magic so you save it for those desperate moments in your Writer's Workshop life. Now you see why this never ever gets put on the shelf. 

If you have read this blog or you know me personally, you knew this was coming. This book is about bad moods and you know we all have them...enough said there. I think the illustrations are perfect and support the text which creates a mood when you read this. There is not a person in the room that cannot identify with feeling grumpy. I bought this book because of the illustrations and how they remind me of young children. I was inspired by the artwork here. I wanted to recreate this artwork with children and learn to move away from the "crafty" art and focus on the process of art. Through this book I have learned so much about art with children. I am crafty by nature but not a bit artistic. I have never really been able to get an "artistic" vision to work until I worked with this book. I swear I studied every single thick black line and every watercolor mark. I planned and planned every single step of the lesson that I would present to my class. For me, this was not easy and I learned I had to sometimes just let go... And I learned that vivid communication is essential. 

To me, this book just reminds me of stepping out of my comfort zone and learning something new and pushing me towards a new direction instead of putting an idea on the shelf for next year. I never, never, never want to be the "next year" girl. Life is happening NOW!
Next up on the list is Giraffes Can't Dance. What in the world is not to love here? This book has rhythm and rhyme. This book sends a great message. And the characters are giraffes... 

This feel good book makes me think all things are possible if you just believe. I think this is my rally book. I hated it as a child when I was told I couldn't do something because it wasn't possible and I still hate that as an adult. The word can't makes me crazy... Can't never could, enough said. 

And here is my new favorite. I love the illustrations. The text is super simple. I love this book for so many reasons but primarily it speaks to me about diversity and the uniqueness within all of us. 
"No two the same, no two alike, almost, almost but not quite." 
What else can I say... it just tugs at my heart.  


Jennifer said...

I love the cover illustration of No Two Alike. I'm such a sucker for good books!
Rowdy in First Grade

Linda McCardle said...

Just ordered The Best Story! I am always on the lookout for great books to inspire Writing Workshop!

S. Parker said...

I just got an Amazon Gift card. I know exactly what I am purchasing. Did I miss the watercolor lesson post?

Thanks for linking up.

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