Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Hey Mrs. Parker!

Well Cupid came a knockin' just one more time! We were all totally excited to see what was delivered today. We got a package from Mrs. Parker, yes the Mrs. Parker. Our package was filled with chocolates, BUG stickers for my budding scientists and (do you believe this) a homemade floor puzzle! Can you even believe this? This was such a huge surprise! The kids now think Mrs. Parker is way cooler than ME! What? I am now in competition with the Mrs. Parker? Oh no. What is a teacher to do? I have to step up my game!

The kids had so much fun working on it. We are still working on it. This gave us quite a challenge. We love a good challenge. And when we have it together we will post our secret message.
Now we want to know if we can put you on our map and if your totally cool class will be our pen pals? And last, since I told the kids that you have a book linky party each month that is so super cute and now they want to know if you LOVE this book or not?

Happy Valentine's Day to the coolest teacher around!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

First Grade Blue Skies

S. Parker said...

Oh, I am so glad the package finally arrived. The pieces are numbered on the back just in case you need help. I have loved doing this activity. Can't wait to send your class another surprise.

Lyndsey (a year of many firsts) said...

How fun! It looks like your students had a blast. I'm your newest follower!!!


A Year of Many Firsts

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