Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Number Corner February!

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One of our favorite books for Presedents' Day!
We made our own version of the make your own pattern suggested from The Math Learning Center.

Here is our calendar for February. Sorry for the delay in posting this. I think the fun of Valentine's Day caught up with us all.
We set up the calendar together and spend some time talking about where things belong and discuss the pattern we created. We have made our calendar markers and set it up together since the beginning of school. I no longer have to lead these lessons. I sit in the back and pass out pieces and let the children work it all out. You can see we have missing pieces above that were still drying. We like to figure out what is missing and just keep going. Behind each calendar piece are the pieces that I printed off from The Math Learning Center. We use those when we are working on our calendar pieces if we do not have it up and running by the first of the month. We no longer face those calendar pieces forward like we used to in order to help us put our calendar together. We turn them over and only use them to guess and check.
This is what our calendar pieces look like up close. We combined several of the suggestions from The Math Learning Center.  For our collage pieces we used our scraps. For the President markers we used simple clip art from the internet. As we discuss our calendar pattern and review the core of the pattern we insert Popsicle sticks to help identify where the core starts and stops.
I took this picture from across the room as the children were using the calendar to play What is Missing?

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