Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Exchange!

Such a super exciting day! We had a little snow and sleet last night and were hoping and wishing for a snow day but it was off to school as usual. We all were a little disappointed that we were going to have indoor recess when cupid arrived delivering the mail.

OM~gosh were we ever excited. We got a package from Mrs. Gabriel's class. You could not contain the excitement. Not only was it the day before Valentine's Day BUT the package contained a book I secretly had always wanted. During our indoor recess we were able to read our new book and we decided that we would save the bubbles for our next indoor recess day. We now have something to look forward to. It was tons of fun talking about letters today and learning how to write them. We are super excited to be able to go through all of the Valentine's that you had sent us and use them as inspiration as we write our own.
We really can't thank you guys made our day!  

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