Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Know I Love It!

If you have followed this blog for a while you know I love Science in Kindergarten. I love Science so much that I created a blog just for all that Science stuff. I have had several requests for more information about Kindergarten Science and so I am planning for some new things and more information. Right now we are gearing up for Rock Investigations. I got so darn excited about this unit because my class last year loved Rock Investigations. I really have no idea why it was so popular but it was even though we had a very terrible rock sample.
I have searched high and low and found some interesting rocks to investigate. But the very best part is...I have made my very own Rock Box and you can too! It was easy, inexpensive and kind of fun. Join me in the Science Lab to see how to make your own Rock Box and see what we are reading with our Rock Investigations. In no time you will feel like the coolest Science teracher around!

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vicky1970 said...

Hi there, I love your blog and your little tips. Very clever. I'm your newest follower and so glad I found you. Hop on over to my new blog. I have an Abe Lincoln project you might like. :o)
~ Vicky
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