Thursday, March 1, 2012

Can You Help?

Hello Bloggy Friends,
WHEW it has been a busy week and we are still plugging right along getting ready for Open House. I wanted to put a post out there and see if anybody could help me with a little project. I am looking for some graphics to go along with a Texas theme and I am looking for specific ones. Actually, I am looking for a person who can make the graphics. I am interested in just a little set of graphics. I would love it if I could find a blogger or teacher blogger who would be willing to get this done in a snap. I am looking for line art for this as well. I have seen some new graphic girls out there recently. Please drop me a line if you can suggest someone.
Thanks for your help!



LYNDSEY said...

I wish I knew someone. Your best bet is to look on Etsy. GOOD LUCK! :)


A Year of Many Firsts

Kim Crowe said...

You could try Nikki, She did a couple of things for me and they are GREAT. I know I got her at a good time and I'm sure that makes a difference but she had stuff to me within a week or two. I don't know if that's quick enough. Good luck!

Ms. Rachel said...

The 3AM teacher seems great, haven't bought anything yet but very cute freebies!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Busy Bees said...

Don't know any names to give ya...sorry. My daughter is very creative and I keep telling her that she has gotta learn how to do it, because it can help her with her marketing degree too! Good luck!

Angela said...


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