Saturday, March 3, 2012

TBA's Biggest Fan!

So you ask why I love Teaching Blog Addict? I love TBA for so many reasons let me count the ways... TBA is the best place to go to to get teaching ideas from amazing authors and contributors. I have learned so much from everyone who participates there. I am also kind of crazy for all the special events that take place on TBA.
Freebie Fridays
 Who does not love Freebie Friday? You can grab and go or you can smile and share or better yet, you can do both! How fun is that?
 TBA's Ultimate Linky Party
I love Linky Parties so this is a favorite of mine!
Pin Addict
I can't forget to mention Pinning Parties! What is not to love here? With the latest craze of pinning inspiration this is the "go to" spot for the greatest ideas around and the teacher boards are just amazing. And LUCKY, LUCKY me I get to moderate these boards for TBA so this means I get to see ALL the great ideas...FIRST. Did I just say that? Did I just put that in print? Shhh, I guess I did and that could make any bloggy girl squeal with delight.
I have always loved inspirational quotes and stories so naturally I am thrilled to be able to contribute to this collection each week on TBA. I have always loved reading quotes or stories that make me stop and think or make me take a quick reality check. And sometimes just sometimes I get a little post crazy on Time Out Tuesday and they never tell me that there is a limit! Shhh, keep that one a secret and maybe nobody will ever notice...
But most of all, what I love about TBA is that everyone can participate and join in the fun. And because of the amazing people who contribute, to all the events and happenings on TBA, we all benefit. And the very best part for me has made a big impact within my classroom. So, thank you TBA friends and family for making me a better teacher. I totally LOVE you and always will.


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Tamara L. Chilver said...

I LOVE your post Laral and I LOVE you! You are incredible and an inspiration to so many!

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