Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roll With It!

Sometimes you just have to roll with it! When I was talking more Texas with my class today the kids had some great ideas and it kind of made me think. They have asked me for some more Texas inspired activities after reading L is for Lone star.
I decided that sometimes you just have to roll with it! Good news is this... If you have purchased the Texas Our Texas Unit already, then you will get an email telling you to download the updated file when changes are made. When we work through something new in class,  I will add it to the download and you will get the new stuff that has been updated. I think that is one of the best parts of Teachers pay Teachers and it is a feature that I use all of the time. I added to three popular files last night and I will continue to do that as needed.

Above is a picture of marble painting our Texas shapes and it is from last year. I had to post it because it reminded me of just rolling with it! It is kind of hard to argue with a class when they are asking for more. I will let you know when an update has been posted. I am super excited to share with you what my have helped me to create!

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