Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Happy Sound Of Kindergarten!

It's only halfway done but this week has been busy. It has been busy this and busy that for the last few days. With all the things going on sometimes it is hard to take a moment and just listen. As part of our regular routine we have had Read to Self and Buddy Reading like most Kindergarten classrooms. And we have worked hard to build stamina and we have modeled inappropriate and apporopriate behaviors and we have had moments of self reflection and when needed just a little of some fun reteaching.

Today we had a few minutes after our normal Calendar Routine so this week we have been practicing our Calendar Chants that we have learned each month this year. We recently added these to our calendar folders. After our calendar routine was over the children had time to revisit those chants and poems. When everyone was gathering their things and picking the "just right spot" I noticed the children were beginning to cluster in groups together. I noticed one group of children quickly find a corner, arrange themselves in a small circle and start clapping and chanting. It sounded like music to my ears. Actually we all noticed and looked at them. The other children saw what the first group of children were doing and quickly grouped themselves just like the first group had. I asked the group closest to me why they grouped themselves like that. One child told me they were making "chant teams" so they could help each other. And I thought BRILLIANT IDEA!

I heard a few children talking about who to "grab" for their team and the reasons why they wanted a particular person. It seems that if you remember the AUGUST chant you are considered a hot commodity in my classroom. And if you can figure out MAY, on your own, then you are considered QUEEN BEE!

What was interesting is that the children independently came up with this idea and organized themselves. They created the rules and rather quickly started working. I can honestly say that everyone was 100% on task and engaged and they did it...independently. I noticed the noise level was a little different and a little louder than Buddy Reading but it was a joyful noise for any Kindergarten teacher. As they sang, clapped and chanted different months, I realized how much time has passed. The time has gone by quickly. I kind of got a little sad that we will soon be learning our last chant together...

Can you think of all the possibilities for Chant Teams or Reading Teams? I think the kids are on to something! 


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Love that sound!
First Grade Blue SKies

School Sparks Renee said...

Little guys can be so grown up sometimes! I love it. That's one part of this age that is so appealing - they are young and yet so capable!

Freckleteacher said...

This sounds like a great way to review these well loved and learned chants. It would be fun for the kids in each team to perform it for the class maybe? Thanks for sharing! My class loves the monthly poems/chants this year. I have never done them before.

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