Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaching With TLC and Jelly Beans!

Two of my five kiddos :)
Hi everyone! This is Tamara from www.TeachingwithTLC.com and I'm honored to be joining you today on Little Miss Kindergarten's blog. This is absolutely one of the cutest blogs in blogland, and I love hopping over here to see all the wonderful teaching tips.

I am getting super excited for Easter! My kids and I like to sweeten up our lessons around the holidays and Easter gives us a reason to have FUN learning with food!
Below are some examples of how we incorporate jelly beans into our lessons.
Estimation, sorting, and counting-
How many do you have altogether?
How many of each color do you have?
How many jelly beans can fit into one cup?

How many inches are your jelly beans when laid end-to-end in a straight line?
How many jelly beans make an inch, a foot, and a yard?
How many jelly beans are in a decimeter and meter?
How many grams does one jelly bean weigh?
How many grams do 50 jelly beans weigh?

Graph the number of each color. Click on the image below for a FREE printable graph from www.printables4kids.com.

Create patterns, such as red, yellow, orange, and have your child continue the pattern.

Create different shapes with the jelly beans.

Addition and subtraction/ Multiplication and division
Use the jelly beans as manipulatives to solve math problems.

Use jelly beans to form the letters in the words.

It turns out that jelly beans aren’t just for Easter. Did you know that April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day?
I hope you enjoy these ideas and please hop on over and visit me sometime!


Busy Bees said...

Thanks for the jelly bean ideas. I have tons of jelly bean stuff...gonna add this one to my pile. Thanks for the freebie and the heads up for the National Jelly Bean Day! We are on spring break right now, so that would be perfect. Marking it on my calendar!

Jessica said...

I love this idea. I am going to share it with my kindergarten teachers.



School Sparks Renee said...

Tamara - You've got some great ideas here. The measurement activities are great, but they seem pretty challenging. What age are those for? Have a happy Easter, Renee

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