Monday, May 21, 2012

Kindergarten Memories!

Well, it looks like the last day of school is right around the corner and it is hard to believe that it has gone by so quickly. It is such a busy time of year with lots of things going on that it is actually hard to think about summer. Many Kindergarten classes work on memory books during the last week of school. I have used one of those from one of those Kindergarten magazines as a last week activity too. But to be honest, I never really liked it that much at all and kind of dreaded it when I got it out each year. I liked some parts of it but didn't like other parts and I just dreaded this activity but at the same time, I wanted a Kindergarten memory book that each child could take home. When I started thinking about that activity this year, I decided to create my own. I created a Kindergarten Memory Book that can be used the last two weeks of school with tons of things to write about inside. I thought I could pick and choose what my particular class was interested in and together we could make our own memory book about the things that were important to us. I figured if we started early enough we could work on it a little each day for the last two weeks of school. I know that when I go to school tomorrow and share this idea with my class they will figure out something really neat to include in the book. Once they figure out that I make a lot of the activities that we use in class they start requesting things... I have posted My Kindergarten Memory Book to my TpT store if you are interested. The poem that you see posted on my blog is from My Kindergarten Memory Book. If you need a quick end of the year parent gift just decorate that page, add hand prints, sign and date it and run it through the laminator!


Jessica Stanford said...

I have to snag this book from somewhere :)


Jessica Stanford
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School Sparks Renee said...

I love Julie Danneberg's First Day Jitters! I read it every "first day" of school! I'll have to pick up her Last Day Blues now! Thanks for sharing this, Renee

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