Friday, June 22, 2012

Affordable Supplies!

Hey friends,
I was sent a package by Craft Project Ideas to preview. These products will be available to purchase in July at WalMart. I hear that the prices are $0.88 cents each. I was excited to be able to preview these items because I love getting prepared for a new year. First, I liked everything in the box and the quality was great. These are things any teacher can use and I liked the product line itself. Each and every year we need a new stock of pens, stamp pads, stamps, locker tags, awards, stickers, postcards, pens, notepads, file folders and the list goes on. The classroom decorations were cute too. I noticed a few owls here and there! But my favorite part were the stamps, stamp pads, mini erasers and flashcards. I started thinking at this price these were going to be my go to items as I stock up for take home bags.I am heading out to the store this week and I will check to see if these items are available!


Lisa R. said...

Those items look so cute!! I am going to check out that website!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

Yes, I believe that lines up with my Walmart's "Dollar Spot" and why yes, I spend just as much money there as I do other place's $ spot, now I will be watching my local one ...I stock up for prize boxes, plus I used the sticky notes (school themed) for teacher gifts at Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

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