Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello Kinder Friends,
I was encouraged by your emails and a very persistent reader ; ) to take this Staples letter a bit further. And if you know me personally there is nothing I hate more than asking for help. But I am asking for help this time... I have been emailed and messaged over my Staples letter for what feels like a million times. It seems that a lot of teachers share the same feeling about the change in policy. If you shopped with Staples last year, I am sure you have gotten your letter in the mail that clearly states the new rules.

My reason for writing the letter was because I truly believed that if someone with a little power could understand why it is so important to us, then surely they would consider a change. I understand I was wrong. My letter was honest and to the point. I shop for school supplies for my classroom because I do not get what I need. It does not matter to me why this happens year after year, it just does. I am a teacher and back to school shopping is a lot of fun for me because I love my job and I love what I do even after all these years. I realize that as a consumer I have a choice and I can go somewhere else across the street where a teacher can purchase class sets of 25 and not have to go in and out of the store, take a bus load of neighborhood kids or wear a wig and sunglasses to shop in your store.

I just thought that if someone knew...they might make a change! If you would like to make a change click on the image above to sign the petition... And thanks, as always!

I loved crayons growing up.

And yes, I still remember my first box!


Mrs. Gorbe said...

I remember that last summer there were deals where they didn't even let teachers get more than 6 max. Actually, I think that was on all the items for me! (I was buying a set of whiteboard erasers.) Soooo..I have 2 young kids. I take them with me (and usually a friend of theirs) and give them cash and have each one of them buy the limit also. I know someone at Staples once told me that I couldn't have the cashier HOLD items that I was going to walk out and come back in for (it was a manager). so guess what. I didn't buy them. I did get a deal at Walmart (ick) on crayons based off the Kmart ad (triple ick in my town), so that was cool.

Mrs. Davis said...

Signed and shared with all my FB friends! :)

Carried Away in Kindergarten

Buggy In Kindergarten said...

I signed the petition! And I placed it on my sidebar to spread it! Thanks for all you have done!

Buggy In Kindergarten said...

Mrs. C I sent you the directions on how to add the petition button to your sidebar! It should be in your e-mail now! I hope this helps!

Tina said...

I signed the petition and have already sent a personal letter to them concerning this. I got the same response that you received. I think we should all boycott them if they don't change the policy. I can usually get a classroom set of sale items at Office Depot if I show my teacher ID card so they may get alot more of my business.

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