Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Confusion and an ENCORE!

It seems there is a little confusion. I guess when you have more than one blog this kind of stuff can happen. I was nominated for an award for this blog not the other blog and I was nominated for this little old letter. I wasn't going to say one single word and then I thought what the heck let's just give Staples one last chance...

Dear Staples,
I am so disappointed that I was not able to resolve my issue with you today. I have spoken to several of your customer service representatives in different departments and my last call today was with a representative within the office of the president of Staples. I am contacting you regarding your new policy for your back to school shopping limits for teachers. First, I am thankful that you posted your policy early. As teachers we plan for the new school year well in advance. Back to school shopping has always been a very fun time for teachers to get the necessary materials for the coming school year. For some of us, back to school shopping is a huge tradition and we meet and carpool with our teacher friends to grab the latest deals. It's much like those Black Friday days in November.

I understand that now a teacher will not be able to go in your store and purchase a class set of your Extreme Deals at the Extreme Deal price. What I understand is that after I reach my limit of five, I will be paying regular price. I also understand that you will send me the difference back in Staples Rewards for those items above the Extreme Deal price. So let's break it down so we all are clear.

25 packages of loose leaf binder paper = $2.50
limit of 5 = 50 cents
regular price - $1.99 X 20 packages = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30
Take this example further. I know this year I will be buying Spirals for Math Notebooks.

25 spirals = $2.50

limit of 5 = 50 cents
regular price - $1.99 X 20 spirals = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30
And I almost forgot. I have to have Science Notebooks too.



limit of 5 = 50 cents
regular price - $1.99 X 20 spirals = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30

Are you beginning to see the difference?
$40.30 - $2.50 = $37.80
And I would love to have some spirals for my writing center. On second hand, I have paid $120.90 and all I have is a class set of paper, spirals for Math Notebooks, and spirals for Science Notebooks. How can I afford class sets of folders, pencils, map pencils, markers and so on? The truth is with an Extreme Deal like this... I can't. Oh my, what about crayons, watercolors and glue?
Let me explain a little further. Many teachers get very little school supplies when school starts. One reason is that the families that we service can't afford school supplies. As a teacher we assume this responsibility. We shop for Extreme Deals because we have no choice. We need supplies for the children in our classroom. Simply stated, we need basic materials to TEACH. A reward check does us no good if we have to spend hundreds of dollars to prepare for our school year and you are sending it to us at a later date. We do not need to go back to school shopping in November. We NEED the supplies before the children walk in the door.
Your customer service representative today told me to make a choice and shop elsewhere for my Extreme Deals. I will admit I was a little shocked that YOUR customer service representative suggested that. I have always been a loyal customer and that is why I called today and every other day this week. I wanted to be sure you understood how this new change in policy would not benefit a teacher at all. I honestly thought nobody realized this. Instead of just shopping at your local competitors, I wanted to let you know and see if somebody would listen and perhaps just consider a change.
Staples if you are listening, I will be sending you a letter addressed to:
The Office of the President of Staples
C/O The President
500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, Massachusetts
And I will call to follow up
1-800-338-0252 X4


Julie said...

That is horrible but I unfortunately have ran into that issue the last few years at Staples. They wouldn't let me buy more than 5 of the extreme deals. When that happens I kindly explain to the person behind me in line that I am a local teacher and if they would please be kind enough to add 5 spiral bound notebooks to their order and i would give them the amount (50 cents if they are on sale for a dime). They people at Staples tried to tell me that I couldn't do that at first but they can't argue too much, it's a separate customer and separate order. I know it's a hassle, but it's one way to get around the crazy policy! :)

Terry said...

Amen! You very very articulate and stated the facts clearly. I am going to fire off my own letter. Thank you for the address. I hope this gets out to all teachers and Staples gets the message!

Anonymous said...

I also make several trips to Staples and Office Depot during their Back to School sales. This new policy will stop me from shopping there at all. I will take my circular elsewhere and try to price match but I will also stop my business there the rest of the year. While I was there getting my deals I always spent money on other things. Now I will bring my business elsewhere. It so depressing that many of my students can't provide their own supplies and now I might not be able to help them without going broke!

Mrs. Mac said...

I love your Staples remarks! I, too, have had difficulties with Staples - last year, I went to Target and they let me buy as many as I wanted. I DID have to go through the checkout more than once, but it was worth it. Staples is owned by Bain - what do we expect?

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