Saturday, July 7, 2012

Penny Sales!

Hello Kinder Friends,
Just a quick update before I head out the door. I have gotten several emails this morning because the Staples penny sales are starting tomorrow. I have been asked again how this works so I will give you a quick run down. I called several stores to verify this information so I think this is the way it works...

You can go in and get your extreme deals for a penny.

Most of the penny deals now have a limit of 2.

Some of the deals require you to spend an additional five dollars.

Once you buy over the extreme deal limit you will be charged regular price AND it will be given back to you on Staples Rewards which MUST be spent at Staples as told to me by three Staples employees.

You will only be able to get the advertised limit with a Staples Reward card which will track your purchase. So there is no point in going in and out of the store unless you want a BIG reward check to spend at Staples later on.

Only one Reward Account per household address so no taking the kids and hubby to share in the excitement of school supply shopping!

All the information was told to me by three of my local stores. I am just repeating what each of the employees told me.

This just might be the first Penny Sale that I am sleeping in and making brunch for the family...won't they be shocked!


Alison said...

Back to school at Staples use to be to teachers what Black Friday is to others. I am totally bummed! I will be sleeping in as well.

Jennifer K. said...

Wow! Way to make sure customers only come in once a week Staples! I was planning on making multiple trips (and probably spending extra on impulse items each time!) but you justsaved me the time. Thanks for keeping us updated on this!

Jennifer@ Herding Kats in Kindergarten

Jackie P. said...

They also have School Supply card that you can pay $10 for and receive 15% back in Staples Rewards on any school supplies you purchase. I agree with Alison, so NOT worth it this year. I wonder if Walmart will honor the Staples Penny deals.

Stacy Grasley said...

Didn't they used to let teachers exceed the limit to like 12? I am with the other posters...lame penny sale day!

Melissa O. said...

I think I will stick with the non limit things like the BIC® Great Erase dry-erase markers, fine tip, assorted for 50 cents. Walmart will honor some of the prices but not the penny ad because it requires a $5 purchase. Here are Walmarts rules :)

Melissa from

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