Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket!

Hello Kinder Friends,
In your teaching life I hope you have found a Fairy Godmother like I have. In my district, one of my Fairy Godmothers is Cindy Brown. I am fortunate to have several. Fairy godmothers are the people who inspire you and help you along your teaching journey. They always seem to have the best ideas and advice and they share that with you at the best of times. Sometimes it just feels like magic. These are the people who just get the "teacher spirit" in all of us.

Like I said, this idea comes from Cindy. I walked in to a training session with this red basket I purchased from Wal Mart. I had the materials stored in it for the session I was presenting. It kind of made me laugh that everyone thought the red basket was cute because the truth is...that basket has given me fits all summer. When she saw it, she came up with the rhyme you see printed on the label in the picture above. Even though the basket is not my favorite, the idea stuck with me and I played with that idea for the rest of the summer. Since assessment and rubrics and report cards are a hot topic in my district this was the perfect idea at the perfect time... Like I said, sometimes Fairy Godmothers are like magic. The reason the basket you see above is not my top pick is simply because it is not sturdy enough for all that it has to hold. I have learned that you just have to have a sturdy basket if it is going to get you through the year. What I love about the basket is the size because it will hold all that I need.

At the end of our sessions the other day we had some fun coming up with ideas about the contents of an assessment basket. Some of the top picks were...
Post It Notes
Copies of Assessments
Clipboards with Storage
Testing Schedules
Curriculum Guides/Overviews
Monitoring Notes Recording Pages
Basically anything you would need to get assessments up and running pretty darn quick! Having it all in a basket makes it easy to do assessments anywhere and everything is in one place when you need to take it to meetings of any kind.

If you need a copy just click on the image at the top of the post and you can some some assessment magic of your own!
Happy Days Friends!

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fancy dress said...

I have always loved little desk top gardens. Especially the ones that do not need a lot of work!

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