Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello Kinder Friends,
I think the last week must have passed by in literally a blink of an eye! Needless to say, things have been busy. I am sure you didn't come here to read about a storm, some roof damage, fence damage, no power, no internet, a mysterious insect bite, a broken window, raining INSIDE my classroom, no A/C, preparing for 6 presentations and setting up a classroom in a matter of days... I won't bore you with the details...
You would think that with a start like this it might be a difficult year. I will admit I was anticipating a little bit of drama from my new friends but as luck would have it, the drama seems to just follow me and not my class! I am kicking off year 13 and it is a dream. I knew it within the first hour on the very first day. It was just a feeling. Day two was filled with more friends and more fun. The parents are happy, the kids are happy and the only person crying was me...tears of joy. Just like any other teacher, I have had those years that have kept me on my toes for sure.
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. It seems I have a class of kids that are ready to work and learn. And I have parents who seem very supportive. I guess it does not hurt that I have had a sibling, a cousin or a neighbor of almost every child in my class in a previous year. It already just feels like family and that is the best part. In previous years it has taken some effort and planning to create that sense of family or classroom community. I think this year might be a little different because you could feel it on day one and within minutes. I am looking forward to sharing this year with you here. Many blessings to you and your class!

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Tina said...

Oh I am LOVIN my lil group this year, too! I have a hand full who need extra love and support...but not as many as I have in the past...I love my classroom environment already!

Enjoy your year!

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