Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Read to Someone!

Hello Kinder Friends,
Here we are again...another version of Read to Someone. I get daily requests for these posters. This is the current copy that we are using in class. As I have stated before, we are always a work in progress and as we gain new understandings we may change our charts and this is the reason that you may have seen a previous version prior to this one. If you need a copy please click on the image above and grab it. Since it is posted here and I have provided a link to download a copy you do not need to ask for permission to use it. These charts have been so helpful to my class as we review the expectations for Read to Someone. Today I was so happy to see some progress and good reading behaviors. I always make sure a substitute has a copy to use so the routine can continue even when I am away at training. I was able to walk around today and snap pictures of the class as they were reading in pairs and like I said I was able to see progress! I know it won't be long before the class is working independently. Some of the images you see here are from Scrappin Doodles. I use multicultural images as much as possible and always have but in this particular case I used images I had on hand so I could take my new version back to class as soon as I could. I laminate these charts and using clear packing tape to tape them onto a child hanger. I have a clothing rack that these hang on inside the classroom and we grab them when needed. Right now these charts are on my easel in my meeting area because we need them several times a day. I hope this helps and answers some of your questions!

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