Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Thanksgiving Story!

Happy Thanksgiving Kinder Friends,
We have finally reached our Thanksgiving break and we are all excited for fun, food, family and friends! As we approached the final hours of school before our break we had to squeeze in just a bit more of some Thanksgiving fun! This year we have worked hard on story retelling. And I always wanted to try the Thanksgiving Story Retelling Bracelets that I have seen for several years. So I thought we would start with a story retelling chart.
And since we had the chart posted and laminated this week I thought we might be able to use it to discuss a little capitalization, review the difference between a letter and a word and review and practice some sentence segmentation. All in all, the story retelling chart was worth the time spent making it and provided a lot of opportunities for not only story retelling but some much needed review.
Like I said, I have never made the bracelets before but I know this will be a tradition for me from now on. The bracelets we super easy for the children to put together and the room was silent as I read each part as each bead was placed on the pipe cleaner. This was the perfect ending to all of the Thanksgiving activities we have worked on. And the bracelets were the perfect visual to help the children retell all of the key events.
And if you want to see what we made for a Thanksgiving Snack just click on the picture above!


Margaret Coker said...

Could you share the Thanksgiving story you used for the bracelet? Every story I've seen has been longer and used more beads. I liked this short and sweet one of yours! So much better for Kinders! Thanks, Margaret
(I follow your blog)

Mrs. Parker said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope you had a great holiday. I can't wait for our Gingerbread exchange. Planning for it now. :)

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