Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrating Diversity and Black History! FREEBIE

Hey There Kinder Friends,
Oh we have had a lot of fun and a lot of visitors inside the classroom this past week and we have been working like crazy. I think right now the favorite part of our day is Social Studies and learning about Black History. It has been such a nice change for us. And it never hurts that I keep adding to my collection of books for this unit. I am not sure if I can resist because each book that arrives in the mail makes me want to run back to school and just sit in my rocking chair and read it.
It was kind of nice to take a moment on a rainy day and paint our MLK poems. We had fun experimenting with watercolors. And when they were dry we got the chance to do some skin tone matching for the hand prints. We could not resist after reading The Skin You Live In. I think this is one of my new favorites.
We have also been busy working on learning about our similarities and differences. We have had a lot of rich discussions and I have been proud that we are moving beyond seeing things as just black and white. And we got to wrap up the week with this fun little observation writing activity. If you would like to try it with your class just click on the image and get your copy. You will need skin tone crayons to use with the recording sheet.
The kids wanted to do this again because they did not get to do this with all of their friends. I should have known I needed more copies!
These activities and more available in my new unit Let's Celebrate Diversity. This probably is one of my most favorite units to work on in Kindergarten! I hope you have fun with the freebie like we did!
1 Friendship Colored Poem Printable
4 Vocabulary Colored Teaching Posters for peace, justice, equality and freedom
Literature Connections
1 Colored Peace Badge Printable
1 Blackline Peace Badge Printable
1 Colored Black History Badge Printable
1 Blackline Black History Badge Printable
1 Colored Honoring Rosa Parks Badge Printable
1 Blackline Honoring Rosa Parks Badge Printable
All perfect for MLK Day, School programs, Black History month or diversity celebrations
Badge assembly pictures
The Colors of Us Anchor Chart classroom pictures and information
1 These Are The Colors of Us Colored Teacher Big Book
1 Blackline student reader printable These Are The Colors of Us
1 Blackline printable We Have The Same Parts labeling page
1 Blackline printable We Are The Same-We Are Different writing activity page
The Skin You Live In Activity information and pictures
1 Blackline printable The Skin You Live In observation page
2 Blackline printables for the I Am The Color Of… writing activity
1 Blackline printable for The Colors Of Us observation activity
3 Blackline printables for The Colors Of Us writing
Classroom display pictures
1 Colored Teacher Big Book Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
3 Blackline printables for I Have a Dream writing activities
1 Blackline printable MLK organizational writing page
1 Blackline printable for Thank You Dr. King poem for watercolor art and hand print activity
Classroom project pictures and information for making your poem
Classroom pictures and information for Black History Bulletin Board art mural
4 Rosa Parks blackline printable for a Sing-A-Long program suitable for an entire grade level to perform
3 Blackline printables for Rosa Park writing activities



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