Saturday, March 2, 2013

Covering The Objectives!



Hey Kinder Friends,
This probably comes as no real surprise but I am on the hunt for books. I have been searching and searching for books that cover the objective- The student understands the physical and human characteristics of the environment. The student is expected to: identify the human characteristics of places such as types of houses and ways of earning a living. As you can imagine it is not that easy but I think I have found the closest match for working on that objective and I had to share that with you! These Rookie Readers just might be the answer. If you are in Texas, this is TEKS Geography K.5B. These are the landforms we are taking a closer look at in our class as we discover more about Texas. Each book is about six dollars each and the text is simple and to the point.  These would be great books to pair with the books about the forest, mountains, desert and prairie that I posted here.
Have fun exploring!

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